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PK 27002 SH High Performance

Palfinger Medium PK 27002 SH High Performance

Functional Design. Protection for sensitive components enhances appearance and long-term value retention.

  • More efficient and faster due to continuous slewing system
  • Additional applications due to Power Link Plus
  • Increased operating times due to low-maintenance extension system
  • Higher payloads due to intelligent lightweight design
  • More comfort and safety due to Soft Stop

Technical data

Max. lifting moment26.0 mt
Max. lifting capacity9300 mt
Max. hydraulic outreach21.3 m
Max. manual outreach23.3 m
Max. outreach (with fly jip)29.4 m
Slewing angle
Slewing torque with 1 gear2.8 mt
Slewing torque with 2 gears3.4 mt
Stabilizer spread (std)5.6 m
Fitting space required (std)1.01 m
Width folded2.55 m
Max. operating pressure365 bar
Pump capacity80 l/min - 110 l/min
Dead weight (std.)2679 kg

Lifting moment

Lifting momentOutreachSlewing angleSlewing torquePressurePump capacityCrane WeightCrane HeightCrane WidthInstallation WithMax stroke lenghtMax lifting capacityLoad vertical
A233027222550101025.3315093007880.018.136.580-1102.8 / 3.4
B233029032550101024.72350890010060.0110.236.580-1102.8 / 3.4
C233030822550109024.21780860012240.0112.436.580-1102.8 / 3.4




A fly-jib system extends the working range of the crane and thereby increases the possible areas of application. The same crane can be used with or without the fly-jib and can therefore be adapted for different applications. Applications with additional attachments (grabber, rotator) and/or cable winch are possible. The higher the quality of the technical configuration of the fly-jib, the more efficient the application of the crane regarding the lifting power and outreach. The high competence of Palfinger in lightweight construction is applied here directly in performance. Through a multitude of model variations, PALFINGER offers a complete, highly developed fly-jib system series for cranes from 15 to 150 meter tonnes.


A fly-jib is a removable, hydraulic extension on the end of the extension system of the crane that can be offset through a hydraulic kinking function. A fly-jib can also be moved under load.

Cable Winch


A cable winch is the most important accessory in many cases when using a fly-jib crane. Hence the power of the winch itself determines the efficiency of the entire crane to a great extent. When designing cable winches, the greatest possible attention was paid to the lifting capacity, speed and optimum winding behaviour.


By using an axial piston motor, both very high starting torque under load as well as very high cable speed are achieved. The installation of the motor and brake as a unit inside the drum produces very compact dimensions.

Hose equipment for two additional hydr. functions


With the hose rig, it is very easy to connect additional attachments (fly jib, rotator,...). The hose rig is installed protected in the hose troughs.