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PC 2700 Compact

Palfinger Small PC 2700 Compact

Compact lightweight solutions between one and four metre tonnes with real PALFINGER power

  • High value retention thanks to coating technology
  • Optimum protection thanks to internal oil ducts in the extention cylinders
  • Load holding valves prevent the crane boom from dropping
  • Extended range of applications thanks to the optional radio remote control and cable winch"

Technical data

Max. lifting moment2.6 mt
Max. lifting capacity2000 kg
Max. hydraulic outreach5.0 m
Max. manual outreach6.0 m
Slewing angle325°
Slewing torque with 1 gear0.3 mt
Max. operating pressure200 bar
Dead weight (std.)216 kg

Lifting moment

Lifting momentOutreachSlewing angleSlewing torquePressurePump capacityCrane WeightCrane HeightCrane WidthInstallation WithMax stroke lenghtMax lifting capacityLoad vertical
A16302077703952.6690200037473.720.09 L/min.325 degrees0.3
B16302287703952.5500200049675.020.09 L/min.325 degrees0.3