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PK 3400 Performance

Palfinger Small PK 3400 Performance

Versatile small cranes with optimised power-to-weight ratio for lightweight commercial vehicles

  • High outreach with up to four hydraulic extensions
  • Optimised dead weight
  • Small overall width for use in inner city areas
  • High value retention thanks to coating technology

Technical data

Max. lifting moment3.1 mt
Max. lifting capacity990 kg
Max. hydraulic outreach9.7 m
Slewing angle370°
Slewing torque with 1 gear0.4 mt
Stabilizer spread (std)3.3 m
Fitting space required (std)0.53 m
Width folded1.90 m
Max. operating pressure250 bar
Pump capacity15 l/min.
Dead weight (std.)447 kg

Lifting moment

Lifting momentOutreachSlewing angleSlewing torquePressurePump capacityCrane WeightCrane HeightCrane WidthInstallation WithMax stroke lenghtMax lifting capacityLoad vertical
Std165044719005303.16404759.764.925.0-15 L/min.370 degrees0.4